Ms. May Tan

Ms May Tan

Academy Principal

English Language Institute of Singapore

Better Together.

Dear friends

Eight months ago, my colleagues and I would not have imagined that we would be organising an e-Conference. We have since come to recognise it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. An e-Conference provides the fraternity with the opportunity to become more familiar and comfortable with an online mode of learning. It also enables all educators to have access to the e-Conference texts and materials. You will have six months to visit and re-visit the content for the e-Conference, learning at your own pace and convenience.

Our theme, The Joy of Talk, places talk at the centre of student learning and teacher practice. Classroom talk contributes to student learning, including deepening learner understanding and making students’ thinking visible to teachers. It also develops students’ interpersonal skills and helps them to develop wider perspectives through co-constructing ideas and understanding, and building empathy for one another. Beyond the classroom, developing our students’ ability to give voice to their ideas and thoughts will help them grow to become citizens who are confident and self-directed.

The live programme will feature a keynote address by Mr Steven Chia, who is a senior editor and presenter with Channel NewsAsia. The distinguished panel featuring Mr Chia, Ms Amanda Chong and Ms Kamini Ramachandran will discuss the importance of talk from a variety of perspectives, and I am sure they will offer you valuable insights outside of education. As part of the e-Conference, we have the Conversation with DGE segment for you to listen to DGE’s views on the role of talk in Singapore classrooms; and the masterclasses and teacher presentations which feature English Language and English-medium subject practitioners offering their perspectives and good practices.

Our hope is that as you view and/or listen to the work that a fellow practitioner is doing, you will find inspiration and opportunities for reflection, innovation or reinvention.

Welcome to the ELIS e-Conference 2020!

May Tan
Academy Principal, ELIS

Conversation with DGE

Our Director-General of Education, Mr Wong Siew Hoong, offers his views on the place of talk in the Singapore classroom. In this conversation with Ms Shakila Vasu, a Master Teacher of English Language, he encourages teachers to adopt pedagogical approaches that encourage productive talk and harness the use of technology as and when appropriate.

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27 August 2020 (Thursday)

14:00 to 15:00

Live Broadcast of Keynote Address and Panel Discussion


Mr Steven Chia


Mr Steven Chia

Ms Amanda Chong

Ms Kamini Ramachandran

All guests are advised to log in at least 15 minutes before the event.
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